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Welcome to Scala.DEV

Hi, my name is Mariusz, and I would like you to join my developer's journey with Scala language and not only.

Why Scala

Scala is certainly not the most popular language among developers like Java, but it is still worth learning or at least playing a little bit. I started my journey with Scala because of Spark framework, which I decided to use for one of the projects in a company I used to work. Although I started the first version of the project in Java, I learned fast that Java was too verbose and made the code hard to understand. However, once I started developing Spark application with Scala, I noticed that my application was much cleaner and easier to understand, even though I hadn't had previous experience with Scala. After programming with both Scala and Java, I noticed one more positive aspect of using Scala. I started understanding functional programming! It was challenging to understand functional programming because I spent most of my professional life with Java. The knowledge I gained while I was programming in Scala I could use for developing Java applications. I also noticed that Java lacks many features that Scala provides, e.g. Singletons or pattern matching. While Java language is being developed, many features that Scala provides are being introduced in Java now. It is easier to understand some new concepts that new versions of Java bring to the language if you have prior experience with similar patterns in Scala. To sum it up, I encourage you to learn Scala even if you will not develop any production application. Learning Scala will enable you to understand functional programming.

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